I'm currently a member of technical staff at Sandia National Labs in the Optimization and Uncertainty Quantification Group. Previously, I was the John von Neumann Fellow under Drew Kouri. My primary focus is developing algorithms for non-smooth, non-convex problems in optimization. I finished my PhD in Applied Mathematics at the University of Washington under Aleksandr Aravkin. I have had the pleasure of working with great collaborators, including but not limited to: Dominique Orban; Harbir Antil; Donsub Rim; Daniel Shapero; Matthew Zahr; Randall LeVeque; Paul Manns; Michael Hintermueller; Aurya Serafini-Javeed; Denis Ridzal; Sven Leyffer; and, Stefan Wild. I'm also a DOE CSGF alumni. Apart from that, I run for Club Northwest and play guitar when I can.