Things I'm interested in besides optimization.


I spend a lot of time moving around in straight or slightly curved lines, or on the street in perhaps too-short courses. I’m an active member of Club Northwest and previously Duke’s Track Club. As a member, I help out with local races and occasionally travel places to race for them around the country (and occasionally in Canada).

Races I’m Proud of Date Distance Time Place
USATF Club Nats 12/14/19 10000m 32:27 58
USATF Regionals 11/24/18 8000m 24:23 4
Vancouver Sun Run 4/22/18 10000m 30:41 17
Seattle vs Portland 5/24/21 3000m 8:28 2
UW Dempsey Indoor 2/8/18 1600m 4:19 1
Duke City Half 10/17/21 13.1 mi 68:29 1


I spend a lot of time listening to music, playing guitar, and going to concerts, so I figured I should include some stuff about that here.

  • I used to DJ for the UW student radio station, Rainy Dawg Radio.
  • I play a lot of guitar when I can, and I’m nowhere near as good as I should be considering how long I’ve played. Regardless, here’s some of the gear I use (for those interested).
    • Taylor SB2-S double cutaway solid body
    • Gretsch Nashville G6121 solid body <!– * Line 6 Pre-amp
    • Whammy! pedal
    • Boss SYB-5 bass synthesizer
    • Kustom Defender V5
    • Fender Frontman (because everyone has one of these) –>